Things are going to happen in life…

The topic for my first blog is simple. The idea came from my most liked and shared post I have written on social media… so without further ado here is my first blog, I hope you enjoy.


Things are going to happen in life… I lost most material belongings up to and including my freedom, yet today I am happier and less stressed than my past life as a business owner, entrepreneur, and political activist. How you ask? Simple: Faith, Family, Friends and some hard lessons. These, as well as, my own positive outlook have allowed me to get up, dust off, put a smile on my face, smell the roses, and re-engage. Things are going to happen in life, some self-induced others, whether your fault or not, tragic.


Life is a journey not a destination. You are going to have good, bad, happy, sad, and yes tragic things happen in your life. You will lose loved ones, if you are a business person, you will have failures, and as I said, have tragic incidences in your life. It is how we handle these, shall we call them “days”, and that will determine the quality or lack thereof, in this journey. Yes, even the most joyous days or events can cause problems, it's how we celebrate or use them to feed and already growing ego that is the root of the problem. I have way too many examples to write here, but you get the just, things are going to happen. So when something major happens I suggest a deeper look; meditation if you will. This can take hours or minutes depending on how long it takes you to calm your mind and use your inner wisdom; you were born with, to analyze/reflect on the situation. Just think of, regardless of your age, every major event in your life, good or bad, if you had taken a few minutes or hours with a calm and undistracted mind to see what went right, what went wrong and can you effect the out come or consequences’. Even sixty seconds to do this might change the out come of many situations. You were born with God given wisdom use this; listening too or relying upon this wisdom will allow you to handle a lot or to recognize that you need help handling the situation. Think about the hurt that could be stopped if we thought for less than a minute before saying or doing something that we might regret the rest of our journey - a one person board meeting with one’s self. You have within you the ability to handle most that will come your way, but always remember to draw from your inner strength and relying on your Faith, Family and Friends shows strength not weakness. Call them your guardian angles if you like. You were born with the strength and wisdom to handle your bad “days” and to celebrate the good “days” with humility; to enjoy the top of the mountain while learning the lessons from the trips to the bottom of the valley.


Today is the day you dreamed of, it is the first day, a fresh start if you will, for the rest of your journey and you can make anything of it you wish.


Tip of the week

In forgiving others remember to first forgive yourself, to help others you must first help yourself. It is not the good or the bad things that happen to you that will define the rest of your life, it is what you learn from them. Use it for the betterment of others and to move forward. Remember to rely on the God given wisdom and talents you have, and from my heart to yours have a great journey!



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    katie (Thursday, 20 March 2014 20:10)

    Great first post Michael! Thanks for the important reminders!

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    kelly aiken (Thursday, 20 March 2014 20:31)

    That was awesome Michael... Really hits home!

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    aaron voyles (Friday, 21 March 2014 06:52)

    thank you michael,great first post!!

  • #4

    Jennifer Saldana (Saturday, 22 March 2014 22:40)

    Great message! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Christine Bryant (Friday, 06 June 2014 16:39)

    Great message! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • #6

    Eric (Friday, 06 June 2014 17:21)

    Well written, Michael. Looking forward to reading more!