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michael holley

 Having experienced the best and the worst of life, people, situations. Emerging a stronger, enlightened person here to help and inspire others as a result. Helping others see why you have the power over your life, thoughts, feelings and emotions, allowing you to control your success and happiness in business and life. You should be and are destined for success. Let us make sure, together; you are not your only obstacle. From family life to your work to entrepreneurship the journey ahead is paved with gold and emeralds. Hear how and why from a dynamic speaker, author, and business coach.


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Michael R. Holley was born in Panama City, Florida, on December 26, 1960. Michael started from solid, but humble, beginnings. The son, grandson, and nephew of boat captains, Michael working from deckhand to captain - his dream job - at the young age of 19. Staying in the family business was not to be his destiny. By chance, an advertisement for a car salesman would change his life forever. Working his way from sales representative to Chevrolet dealer to owning his empire, only to have it all crumble and land him in prison. Instead of allowing this to define his life, he thanks God for the lessons learned and the guardian angels along the way.  Michael’s life now has a whole new meaning as he helps others by sharing the good and the bad of his journey. Currently, consulting and speaking to business owners and groups about all aspects of business and personal life.  Michael has developed a specialty in how to recruit, hire, train and retain Gen Y/Millennials by developing a new culture. He speaks to civic organizations, conventions, congregations and business groups, helping others see business and life through a new perspective, sprinkled with entertaining and enlightening stories. Additionally, Michael is working on numerous book publishing projects and a self-help book series “The Engager Series” based on universal principles of life and lessons learned from his own and others’ experiences. He is the author of "Pinstripe Suites to Prison Blues" and "Finding the Wisdom You Seek"

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