We all need help at some point in our lives!


Yes, we all need help at some point in our life.


We will be up and we will be down having happiness, sadness, success and failure, as I stated in my first blog things are going to happen in this journey we call life. As we grow older we have no idea how long this journey will last. We know that all the above is going to happen. It’s how we use these events in our lives that will truly determine:  who we are, who can help us, when they can help, how we truly know we need help, and how do we ask. First I am a spiritual guy.  I believe, and my belief is that I have talents and wisdom that I was both born with and have acquired along my journey to help me help others. I also believe we are here for a purpose and have been given the tools and talents to help in that purpose. That purpose, a calling in life if you will, may not be known and may never be known to us, or it could be as plain to you as the nose on your face. As long as we are here, we are working to fulfil our purpose. We have guardian angles along the way to help us in this journey.  So that when we slump, need some help or maybe we just think that what is before us is beyond our talents, wisdom or strength, there is always someone you can lean on.


The single biggest question is; when do we ask for help?  The simple answer is always and often. Most ask much past the point they actually need it, myself included. It could be ego, pride or embarrassment.  Heck, it might just be that we do not yet think we need help.  To truly know is difficult particularly in the business world when it might be considered weakness. Business is and can be a dog eat dog world. When you ask certain people for help, the wrong people unbeknownst to you that is how rumors start and your secret problem is no longer secret. That is why early on you must establish relationships of those you trust. People you can call on for anything at any time.  It could be spiritual help, marital help and even sociological help for those that might need it. When you get that gut feeling something is going amiss, why not get someone else’s input, a personal board of directors if you will. These “Guardian Angels” could range from your pastor, banker, CPA, attorney or just some kind of personal consultant, trusted life coach, that you feel comfortable with. But most importantly, someone that has the knowledge and experience you need for the particular problem or situation you are facing. You see if these people you call on do not care about you as a person they cannot help you in a situation that might affect your journey and in some circumstance might even hurt. You must often listen to your heart for as the old ancient proverb goes “what you seek is already inside you.”


This may be the most difficult experiment you have ever tried, but try it anyway.  If having a bad day, if any of the situations above are happening and you are just down or in a very low state of mind. Try helping someone else. What? You say!!!  Yes, help someone else. I attend prison support groups; speak to groups of business and church groups on a wide variety of subjects.  Sometime I’m even called in to help others that have serious business questions or problems.  Helping others, speaking to others about my short comings and business/life experiences are far more rewarding and uplifting to me than to those that are the audience. You can just simply open the door for someone; smile and say have a nice day.  You will so often see a frown transform into a smile.  Yes, you did help. Hold the umbrella while someone is loading groceries in the rain. You see, someone is always getting rained on in life, so it’s nice to hold the umbrella while you bask in the sunshine and my friend the sunshine is coming.


We were all put here to help others, just sometimes we do not realize that we are helping ourselves as a result of just being a nice human being and sharing our God given wisdom. Helping others is far less complicated than we like to make it. I know I have been the recipient of thousands who took the time to pass on a kind word of encouragement. I don’t discount there are those that need serious professional help in some situations. Maybe just maybe, if the right person took the time to notice another’s struggles then maybe a tragic situation could be prevented.


When we’re down and full of our problems let us clear the mind, open the heart and see that it might just be the perfect time to be someone else’s guardian angel. Yesterday is in the history books, today enjoy listen to those around you and prepare for the rest of your journey and tomorrow starts the rest of the journey that you’re here for. Make it a great journey, you already have the tools needed for success in you, remember there are those that are always willing to help and share if you just have the courage and faith to ask!  


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