A tribute to my long time friend Eva Stewart...

Tribute to and eulogy for for my friend Eva Stewart:

Eva, one of the kindest, sweetest, most genuine people and friends that God put on this earth. Frequently referred to, especially by me, as our own Mother Theresa. Eva was a car salesperson by title but there was simply nothing she would not do to help someone else. She worked at a car dealership and was paid to sell cars but would do and did do anything and everything to help a customer, friend or loved one.

Eva started every car deal she worked with a manager with “I did a good job and they like me.” Well Eva’s good job, almost a calling, was to get you “THE” car or truck you wanted if you could afford it. If you could not or she thought you were stretching she would tell you so but only in the O so sweetest way. Eva’s product knowledge especially in trucks was unprecedented and she would do whatever it took to get the exact car or truck you needed. Regardless of where we had to go or whatever it cost. As the years went on everyone pretty much just let her do as she pleased, because she was just going to talk you into it anyway. She did way more than a good job and her customer and co-workers "loved" her not just “liked” her.

Eva’s health was not good most of the time I remember knowing her. She suffered from a childhood asthma and had to take a lot of medications over the years. You would never know this from Eva because when ask “O I’m fine but how is you’re _________ doing I heard they were sick?” Always and I do mean always diverting the conversation from herself.

Eva was a guardian angel to anyone, if she perceived the need for help. There was nothing she would not do for someone else and the word “no” I do not think was in her vocabulary. On a personal note she was my guardian angel. In the last six years or so she helped me get though the most difficult times of my life always calling just at the right minute. As if directed by God to reach out at the precise moment when needed most.

A bible verse that, even though written long ago, could have been written just for Eva.

1 Corinthians 13: 13, And now these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love. That is Eva, always caring, loving and sharing friendship and kindness whenever she perceived the need.

Last year she was in the hospital for an extended stay and her future might have been in doubt then but not by Eva. During one extended visit I was having with her, she had been in the hospital for a little while now, every person that came in the room she had to tell me something about. Who, I mean who lying in bed not knowing if they are going to live or die takes the time to learn something of all and I mean all of the caregivers that they come in contact with. Eva that is who. She could not help it as she truly is, was and always will be the friend to all others that we should  aspire to be.

To the people that Eva touched and the list is long, to her children, family members and friends that she loved. You must remember that the best of Eva is still with us. It is in you and is a part of you for the balance of your life here on earth. What Eva left is a part of your heart and soul that she touched, taught and cared for. She left us the lesson that giving is better than receiving, that a frail body or difficult time in your life is no reason to stop giving, caring and loving. She would want us to use these lessons to help fulfill the hopes and dreams of others while lifting ourselves in the process. Because Eva has left us gifts of love that will never be forgotten. Eva Stewart may you rest in peace as you guide the guardian angles of the future from your internal resting place with Jesus Christ. Eva, I love you, miss you and count my blessing that you shared your time here on earth with us.

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    Rod H (Wednesday, 24 September 2014 02:14)

    I knew Eva Ruth all my life as her father Bill Bingham and my father were best friends. From church to vacations to fort Desoto to most family get togethers. I bought every new vehicle from her that I have ever owned. Michael you summed it up when you said she was everyone's guardian angel. I know she is still and will always be watching over us.

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