Good Dogs Do Not Like Bad People

February 20, 2015 (Updated May 25, 2016)

Good Dogs Do Not Like Bad People!

While thinking about the subject of this month’s Blog post, I thought, I am getting too serious about things? So many emotions, thoughts and memories about my life creating a host of feelings, some good some bad. As I was watching the pregame show for the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, ESPN did a segment about the nasty or not nice tweets the announcers receive. I have had a few nasty postings about myself as well. I did not care for the segment because that is not why we watch sports. The event is not about the announcers or anchors, and I think some need reminding of this fact. Nevertheless, I see no reason to tweet or post nasty things about someone you do not know. For some reason on this occasion, I remembered one of Lewis Grizzard’s columns about his dog “Catfish.” In the column, you can Google it; he writes “good dogs do not like bad people.” While watching the ESPN segment, I'm thinking, does their dog like or love them. If so, they must be good people. My dog seems to love me. He acts as if he has been waiting on me every time I see him.

In this blog, I am not going to be so serious, lightening up, as we all need to do some time, covering a host of memories and experiences. Remembering my dog loves me no matter what other people post, say or think. I will try my best to ignore the negatives from people that remain anonymous or do not know me. As a general rule, I have very little bad to say about anyone, and I genuinely like almost everyone.

While on the road in North Florida on my speaking and first ever book signing tour, I was asked to speak to the children during the children’s sermon at the church I attended as a child. We all know when you have children as an audience it is very difficult to know where your talk is going. While speaking about using the teachings of Jesus and the lessons of their parents, teachers, preachers, and Sunday school teachers to aid them in listening to and interpreting the good voice (thoughts) and the bad voice (thoughts) that we all hear or have. I explained like my Second Chance facilitator did to the inmates in her class, we all have good and bad voices (thoughts); we also have God-given wisdom to listen (act) or not listen (not to act) to either voice (thought). As I was moving along in my talk, this little girl’s hand shot up. She said she knows someone who listens to the bad voice all the time. Then a few seconds later she explained that Santa Clause had given him coal for Christmas, and then a minute, or so later her hand popped again, the little girl explained, pretty loudly, how he had deserved the coal for Christmas for always listening to the bad voice. Everyone was laughing so that I was not sure how I was going to finish, I did. Just think, during Christmas, you could know how good or bad you have been the prior year by receiving gifts or coal in your stockings, based on your listening to the good or bad voices (thoughts). I would hope all my readers would get presents and not even concerned about the coal truck backing up to the front door to unload.


The following day, some sixty miles away,  speaking to a small group of individuals that are in recovery at an unbelievably gorgeous recover center in the panhandle of Florida. This center uses the three principles, taught by Syd Banks, these are near and dear to my heart. This small audience varied in age; all seemed to be on the road to recovery, most were sponges for the words of a stranger. A post on the center’s social media site states “we are not here to help you survive but thrive.” I so love that. “Don’t just survive your issues or problems, thrive to learn and move above them!” We all have the power to “thrive.” We sometimes have to remind ourselves we are not here to survive or muddle through life but to thrive and succeed at whatever we were placed here to do and makes us happy. After speaking to a group such as this or the children's congregation or almost anywhere, it is I who lifted. It was I that drew strength from their willingness to stand up and say “I can do more than survive.”  We all should and will “thrive” on this short journey we call life if we understand that it is always in our power, with our God-given wisdom and talents, to do so.


I was recently speaking with a group of business professors about my first book, my shortcomings, how I might change or respond differently to the voice (thoughts or feelings) inside of me that seemingly went quiet on matters of risk taking when I needed that inner wisdom the most. This group of men, I came to respect very quickly, all having business experience to surpass my own, all becoming professors to teach others. The questions they ask of me taught lessons I now share with others; not about doom and gloom, but that learning and teaching are with us for the rest of our lives regardless of age or education.  I do so love being around and interacting with people. My goal is to share the positive energy I receive from so many with all those I speak to or come in contact. I hope through my stories and interactions, so briefly stated above, that you clearly see that to receive good energy, feelings, and karma from others you must be willing to share those same uplifting feelings with others. As they state on airplanes every time you take a commercial flight: Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. After you put on your oxygen mask of (positive energy), it is the sharing of it with others that will move you to the next level in life. May God bless you in the journey you have before you. After being blessed with the success that is yours for the asking, please share your successes with those around you.  That is the true gateway to eternal happiness and remember that “good dogs do not like bad people.”


When your day is not going the way you want, the negative or bad thoughts are flowing, and the mind is a jumble of confusing information. Find a dog, your dog if you have one, just waiting for you to pay them some attention. Letting them prove with every wag of the tail what a wonderful person you are and watch all that negativity just fade away. You can also use Google Lewis Grizzard’s columns— they are timeless and uplifting! Now make this a great day and find one person to make their day better as well. You will both feel better.







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    Maulissa (Friday, 20 February 2015 17:22)

    I was walking my dog yesterday and I was thinking, if we could all greet each moment with the enthusiasm of a dog, we would paint this world beautiful. I'm so glad that you continue to share you message and inspire other's to 'thrive'. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the read!