My New Year


My New Year…one is that I am committed to losing 40 pounds an optimistic goal, I understand. Thinking that going back out on the road consulting and speaking I should look like what I speak of, I will never be on the cover of GQ Magazine, I do want to look and live healthy.  One of the areas I speak on is we are here, or should be, to help others and you cannot help and coach others until you have helped yourself. Remember what is said before every flight “Put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others.”


Additionally, we are working on two business manuals: “Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retaining Gen Y” and “Fleet and Commercial Sales and Retention; The art of business to business sales.”  Both are directed at the franchise automotive industry but would apply in principle to most businesses. I am working to finish my second book “Faith, Family and Friends; The Rest of the Story” for publication in November/December 2016. All the while developing and expanding my consulting business on the above subjects and a number of other business issues. We help with management and successor vetting and hiring, commercial sales departments, as well as consulting on long term exit strategies and/or planning. A number of other areas available for consulting are cash flow education, employee retention, employee recruiting for long term retention, buy/sell consulting, as well as sharing my extensive studies into hiring and retaining Gen Y, a much needed component to the coming years of retail businesses of all kinds.  


I am returning to public speaking to share my message of business, politics, second chances, faith and to promote my books/manuals. Speaking is a passion that I have loved since my days of traveling for the Florida Jaycees in my twenties. I have always felt that there is that one person I need to reach and the only way I know to do that is to speak to as many as possible. I just love the interaction and reaction of people. From church groups, to civic organizations, to fellow entrepreneurs and business people, we all need a new perspective whether it be on business, personal issues or just life and I love giving it.


About my dieting, on this date February 5, 2016, day 25, I have lost 17 pounds and am dedicated to learning how to eat healthy for the rest of my life, genetics you know! I have opened up my account for public viewing so if you are on or use you are welcome to follow me there and I will support and encourage anyone else trying to do the same. I will, of course, report my successes and failures on social media as time passes.


We will, in the near future, separate our automotive consulting business from the site, this site will remain primarily for speaking, book launches, blog and book promotions. Allowing us to expand and modernize how we market the business consulting side of the business and allow us to bring in additional consultants. This new site will allow us to send newsletters, pod cast, scheduling and training videos.  


Please call, email or private message if you would to book speaking to your group/organization or know a business needing any of the services mentioned above. Sometime smart and busy business people just need a new perspective.


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