What I Would Say To Johnny Manziel


What I would say to Johnny Manziel if asked, I will not be but here it goes anyway…


As a self-help author, public speaker and business consultant I do feel I have something to contribute. I am sure everyone is saying, the NFL, he is not currently in the NFL, should or should have Tony Dungy, Tim Tebow, or Chris Carter or someone of this caliber reach out to help him. I feel they have. These are men that I would trust my life and my family’s life with as it pertains to these type of issues in life, I feel they have and/or would do any and everything to help a fellow athlete or human being in trouble. That is not the issue.


I am a member of the Millionaire (lost it all due to bad judgment, and rapidly developing and out of control circumstances) Club, I see what Johnny has yet to see, but, he could in time if he lives long enough. No one can help someone, until they themselves see the need and ask for help. A quick excerpt from my upcoming book, “Finding the Wisdom You Seek; Hidden where you will never look”, which I would gladly send Johnny a copy of the transcript today if I had his address. As the airline stewardess says before every flight. ‘When the oxygen mask drops please put your mask on first, then assist those around you.’ You see, if we do not, cannot, or will not understand or see the need that we must a least reach for the oxygen mask and seek help putting it on if needed. Meaning you must first have the desire for help or at a minimum admit something is going horribly astray in life, there is little anyone else can do.


I am not here to debate or even comment that Johnny Manziel’s career is over, that is out of my expertise.  But as someone that has fallen from grace and resurrected my life, I firmly believe Johnny’s greatest success, his greatest game yet to play, might just be in the saving of himself and the saving of some other lost souls. That, in my humble opinion, would trump a NCAA national championship, super bowl ring or anything else in life. The greatest gratification in life is not that you found the oxygen mask and survived, it is that you survived and spent your life sharing your experience and putting the oxygen mask on those that need help putting on the oxygen mask.


What I would say to Johnny, a guy I have never met, I feel the pain every time something happens that sheds you and your family in a dim light, I re-live my own past press stories knowing that some is true some is not. But you and you alone give them the ammo and headlines to write the story. I know, in all my heart and soul, that this can be a blip on the radar of your life, if and when you choose to reach for the oxygen mask. Johnny, I am hoping and praying for you and your family.


For those in need in this journey we call life, not wanting to reach for the oxygen mask to late, or maybe just want coaching in doing all they can to reach for the stars, please send me an email or give me a call. You are yet to be all you were destined to be!


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