One Minute Consulting Tip #3 Personal Sabbatical

Before helping, managing and leading people, both in our professional  and personal lives, we must first learn to do the same for ourselves. I am not saying head off to the Himalayans every other weekend, although a local forest or park is not a bad alternative, a quiet place, an open mind, to recharge the batteries and prepare for the week that lies ahead. Sixty minutes a week, is better than not doing it at all, maintaining your greatest asset, you! Abraham Lincoln said "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe." Rest, clear the mind, prepare, and fulfil! A freshly charged battery has more amps and starting power then a run down battery.

You owe it to yourself and those depending on you to be your sharpest. When you are under the gun, the daily stress is building, deadlines are looming and those around you are looking for answers, this is the time you need the clearest and sharpest mind. Make time, you are a leader, lead your schedule do not let it lead you. A quote from a book I am reading "Don't be so busy striving to make a living that you forget to live life." The same can be said of managing. So busy studying the forest you do not see the flowers on the trees.

You see when the world is closing in on you, this is when you need to be at your brightest not cloudiest. Instead of going to the office on Sunday, take an hour or two for you, spend the afternoon with the family, get up early on Monday, go to the office refreshed, get a week’s worth of work done before lunch.

You maintain your car, boat and lawn mower. How about maintaining you? As a great self-help writer and business consultant once said, "You are your greatest asset" Take care of you, all else will seem so much more inline.

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