New Book: Finding the Wisdom You Seek & The Book Inside of You!!!


The creation of my latest book: Finding the Wisdom You Seek, as well as my thoughts on the book I know is inside of you!


My second book is complete and due for publication in June 2016. I am so excited about this project and hoping to meet someone this story has touched in the future. From the, what I am sure will be, award-winning cover, to the from the heart stories, words of wisdom to the enlightenment of those open to seeing what they currently do not use. What a feeling, for a guy barely graduating high school having now, almost, publishing two books, amazing even if I do say so myself. To be called an author, publisher and public speaker is truly an honor that is humbling. I say two books it will be five books counting the three editions of my first book, “Pinstripe Suites to Prison Blues.” Print, Kindle and auditable. This latest book planned for print and Kindle. Audible could also be forthcoming. If interested in these or future books go to an Amazon page and type in the search engine, Michael R Holley or use the link at the bottom of this blog.

To write a book. People have spoken to me about writing a book; saying “ I would like to write a book, and I always have a reason not to.” We all have a book inside of us, and your book would be interesting to someone. Maybe leaving a family history, for the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  You might have had a unique experience in the military, as an athlete, your occupation, whatever the subject there is only one you. Start by keeping a journal of your experiences, thoughts and ideas for the book you might or might not ever write. Someone once said, “You have never completed, what has yet to start.”


Now let’s just assume you have the intent to “birth a book.” A hero of mine, Andy Andrews, said, “there are two things fun about writing a book, deciding to write it and then naming it, after that it is hard work.” I have to say that is true of my first book not so much of my second. I wrote the main body of this latest book in one weekend. Of course, it took weeks even months to get the book ready for publication. Another mentor, actually the godfather of self-publishing, Dan Poynter, may he rest in peace, said: “when your first book is ninety-five percent complete push the button.” I hope I am quoting him correctly; you get the just of it. You will never be a hundred percent happy with the final product, and you can make changes until the end of time.


As I stated earlier just start, a journal is fine, when you are ready to sit at a keyboard or recorder and start typing/recording. Begin to get the thoughts, words and ideas on the hard drive. You then have a lot of help in the indie world. No one can get what is in your head out except for you. The most crucial part is good editing after you have content of course. Start with editing yourself to make sure you say what you mean and mean what you say. Read the book aloud, record the whole book and listen to it, making notes as to what you say, how you say it and does it mean what you intended. Then have the most educated person you know read the book, editing as they go. Using Word track changes so you can see the changes and address the comments and corrections.


You will then want a professional book editor to edit the book. If self-publishing, purchase books, read articles, and subscribe to newsletters for indie authors. You can email me if you would like and I will give you my thoughts and resources I have accumulated. I read my first book on self-publishing in 2010, my first book did not publish until December 2014.


I think writing is great therapy opening the mind and heart to what is. If you are a hardcore fiction writer and plan to write dime store novels, that is great, do it! Write whatever you want. You can publish a book on for about $1000 or less including editing. You can use a Word template and have a bound manuscript printed at Staples. As far as layout just follow your favorite books in your genre.


I am currently working on my next couple of books. The sequel to “Pinstripe Suits to Prison Blues” as well as a series based on my latest book “Finding the Wisdom You Seek.” This book will be for sale at local book signings and on my Amazon page in mid-June 2016.


I know you have a book inside of you and so do you. Write it; I'm told most people's regrets later in life are not what they did but what they did not do. Think about the endless; some would say wasted, hours of watching sitcoms, depressing news coverage. If you can read and write or work a recorder, start writing, journaling and planning to record the story and ideas you have in your head as well as in your heart. I have never given a speech exclusively for writing; I will if you have a group interested. I’ve spoken to some people about starting an online support group for indie writers. Not enough hours in the day sometimes. Writing a book or publication is one of the many things I know are part of you and those you know and love. Part of being all we were intended to be. I hope this blog encourages you to do what is your destiny, write the book, better yet encourage some else to write a book. The ultimate would be to do both, you write and inspire others to do the same. Showing you can while giving encouragement to others through example. I am planning a seminar on becoming and indie author and self-publishing in central Florida this summer, if interested in attending go to and fill out the form.


I do hope you buy and enjoy my book when it publishes on Amazon June 2016. I have embedded a form at the bottom of this blog to sign up for notifications for this specific book launch. There is also an inquiry form on this website for inquiring about speaking, consulting as well as any other reason you might want to contact me.


God’s blessings in all you do. Use the talents, wisdom and insight you were born with to succeed and take a few others along with you for the ride. I see a journey paved with diamonds and gold if you do not let’s talk. Enjoy the books and let me share my enthusiasm for the future with your group, convention or meeting.


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